Based in our yurt workshop in the heart of Mongolia, we have been hand making Traditional Mongolian yurts since 2005. Over1,000 yurts supplied to the UK and worldwide to date. All yurts feature as standard a solid wooden frame and door and are covered in our tried & tested four material layers. This includes an impermeable waterproof layer as well as a layer of felt insulation, making them suitable for year round use in the UK. Our price guarantee includes home delivery and ensures you only pay the price listed here, with no additional fees or taxes.  


Diameter: 5 meters or 16ft 4 inches

Area: 19.6 square meters or 210 square feet

Central height: 2.25 meters or 7ft 9 inches

Wall Height: 1.4 meters or 4 foot 7 inches

Crown wheel: 1.3 meters or 4ft 2 inches wide

Sleeps 2 | Standing 10 | Seated 15

No. of people needed to Pitch: 2


5m or 16'4"


or 7'9"

1.4m or




1 x  door & frame

1 x Crown Wheel

2 x Crown supports

66 x Roof Poles

4 wall sections

All painted wooden components come in a reusable padded bag


Traditional style door handles

Selection of horsehair ropes

50 page guide to yurt installation

20 page guide to yurt base installation

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All our yurts come as standard with four material layers 

Layer 1

Cotton liner for roof & walls

Layer 2

6mm thick semi synthetic felt insulation for roof & walls

Layer 3

Seam welded PVC roof cover & canvas wall cover

Layer 4

Outer cover in 12oz canvas, star shaped rain cap with clear PVC centre and door cover.

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The wooden components on our yurts are finished in a single base colour before being hand decorated with traditional Mongolians designs in a colour to compliment your base colour. We currently offer three base colours to choose from

  • Traditional Orange

  • Warm Sky Blue

  • Classic English Green

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The function of the outer cover on all our yurts is as a hard wearing decorative layer that is designed to hold all the other layers on the yurt, as well as give the yurt a clean natural look. Our outer covers are all made from a hard wearing 12oz canvas in a choice of plain white or plain green. Included in the price we can add additional decoration to our white canvas covers in a choice of blue or green. 

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Yurt Woodwork
Yurt Woodwork
Yurt Woodwork
Yurt Outer Cover
Yurt Outer Cover
Yurt Interior
Yurt Interior
traditionla yurt crown wheel detail
Yurt Interior
Yurt Interior






All inclusive price of £3,495

Buy direct from the manufacturer and benefit from a great yurt at a great price. This price covers manufacture of your yurt as per the specifications and options listed on this page as well as kerbside delivery to your home. Only pay the price listed here. No additional shipping, taxes, import or other fees to pay. 

The vast majority of yurts are held in stock and are dispatched on receipt of payment. 30 - 35 days from receipt of payment to yurt arriving at your door. 

Our all inclusive prices covers shipping from Mongolia to the UK Also included in the price is kerbside delivery to your home address if this is within a 200 mile radius of central London. Addresses outside this area will incur a surcharge. This is an all inclusive price with nothing additional to pay. We take care of all shipping, import fees and taxes.  

The vast majority of yurts are installed by their owners. All yurts come with an illustrated guide showing you how this is done. With over 1,000 yurts sold to date we are proud to say that everyone has been able to pitch their yurt themselves. At an additional cost our partner company in the UK, Mongolian Yurts Direct Ltd can visit you to pitch your yurt for you. Pricing is based on
size of yurt, distance from our workshop and ease of access to site. Prices start from £1,000 plus Vat

Yurt Base

We Recommend that all yurts are installed on a wooden base of our design. This provides a stable platform for yurt to sit on, provides a clear runoff for rainwater as well as providing a safe, flat surface for you and your guests to move around on. A basic guide detailing materials & installation is emailed to all customers on receipt of payment. 

Install a Stove in your Yurt

A yurt only comes alive when the fire is lit. Using a stove in your yurt is an essential part of maintaining it. Click HERE for more details