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We make yurts. Really good ones. And we've been doing it for 18 years in our own workshop in Mongolia. Because we make yurts we are able to control the whole production process. This means we pay attention to the details and do not have to compromise. We have retained traditional yurt proportions, as that is what works best, and as many of the traditional materials as possible, only where necessary have we updated critical areas with their more modern equivalents. Below is a detailed list of what everyone receives when they buy a yurt from us. 

Door & Frame x 1

No laminates or small pieces of finger jointed wood. Our doors are made from only solid pieces of timber that have been kiln dried. All components are correctly jointed and glued together with our waterproof polyurethane glues. Two small windows on either side of door is our original design. Windows are glazed with Lexan, an almost indestructible polycarbonate.. 

Roof poles x 56 - 78

Hand shaped from solid wood. A round profile that changes to a square profile about half way up the length of the roof pole. The square profile then tapers to a narrow point square point that fits into the corresponding shape hole in the crown wheel. Opposite end of rook pole  is finished off with traditional small horsehair rope to help hold in place on the wall trellis. 

Wall Trellis x 4 - 6

Solid wood, Connected the traditional way with rawhide. A tough natural material. Each wall section is gently steam bent to ensure it forms the correct shape when opened

Crown Supports 

Unique feature of Mongolian Yurt. Only Authentic Mongolian yurt have this feature. Provides stability in bad weather. Ornate shape made from solid wood. 

Crown Wheel 

Main ring made from three layers of solid wood that are glued AND pegged together. The "spokes" of the wheel are again made from solid wood, Jointed, glued and pegged where necessary in order to create a strong web of woodwork that will support a huge among of stress. .  

Wall Trellis comes pre-treated with a natural oil based wood preservative. Other wooden components come in a choice of bare wood for you to paint yourself, or painted by us using top quality paints sourced in the UK. 

Fabric Layers

Yurt Liner

Thin cover made from cotton in off white. Acts like a bedsheet to keep dirt and soot away from the more expensive felt layer whilst providing a bright, neutral backdrop for the wooden frame. 

Felt Insulation

Felt is the hi-tech super fabric of the ancient world. It insulates from heat and cold, Has incredible sound absorbing qualities. It's made from a sustainable material. It is naturally fire resistant and hypoallergenic. When installed on a yurt it adds strength to the structure. 

Covering both the roof and walls of the yurt, our felt is made from 15mm thick, 100% organic sheep's wool.  Washed and felted  in a modern ISO 9001 factory in Mongolia, this is the best felt we are able to source. Not only will it keep yurt cosy warm in winter, but it helps keep the sun out of the yurt in summer and thus cooler for more of the day.. 

Wooden Frame

Rain Cover - Roof

Made from 610 gsm PVC polyester. RF seam welded in the UK in order to make a truly 100% waterproof cover that will last the full life of the yurt. The roof of the yurt takes the brunt of the weather thrown at it and we have found this offers the best long term protection, especially if yurt is going to be used commercially or in areas of high rainfall such as Wales or Scotland. 

Rain Cover - Wall

195 gsm modern breather membrane made from high density polyethylene. This material is lightweight, breathable and highly water resistant. Unlike canvas it will never need re-proofing. 

Outer Cover  

400gsm polycotton canvas in white or green canvas. This is a decorative layer that holds all the other layers on the yurt. Canvas helps give the yurt a natural clean look. Sewn using a bonded nylon sewing thread. Secured onto yurt with three 50mm wide polyester webbing straps that are extremely durable. 


Rain Cap

Six pointed star shape. Made from double skin canvas and sewn with a bonded nylon thread. Incorporates a clear PVC centre that allows light into the yurt but keeps rain out. When in position looks as though yurt is open to the sky. Perfect for stargazing. 


56 page manual on how to pitch and care for your yurt. 19 page manual on how to build a wooden base for your yurt. Ropes, webbing and horsehair straps to help you pitch your yurt. Traditional style door handles. 

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