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A yurt is for life. This is only possible if the yurt is maintained and components replaced when needed. We are committed to supplying our customers with replacements and advice for the life of their yurt. Below you will find a comprehensive list of yurt components available to people who's yurt originated from our workshop. 


Spares parts and replacements for all yurts listed on this website can be bought direct from Mongolian Yurts Direct Ltd located in the UK. Click the link HERE to go direct to the relevant page. 

For spare parts for the Traditional Style yurt range made from 2016 - 2021 please see below. Where an item is listed as Not Available please contact us for availability. 

Not Available

Not Available

Not Available 

Not Available

Not Available

Roof pole 

Wall Section 


Crown wheel 

Wheel Supports  

All prices listed on this page include postage from Mongolia to your home address and  includes all applicable taxes and import duties. Outer covers do not include exterior webbing set or rain cap which are sold separately.  

Fabric Layers

Yurt Liner

Felt Insulation (set)

Rain Cover - Roof

Rain Cover - Wall

Rain Cap

Door Cover

No.4 Yurt      No.5 Yurt      No.6 Yurt

  £160              £190             £220

  N/A                N/A               N/A        N/A                N/A               N/A   

  N/A                N/A               N/A   

  £390              £390             £390

  £125              £125             £125

Outer Cover Plain

Yurt With Plain White Canvas Cover

Outer cover in 12oz plain white or plain green polycotton canvas. 

No.4 size yurt £475

No.5 size Yurt £525

No.6 size Yurt £575

Outer Cover Traditional

Outer cover in 12oz plain white polycotton canvas with decoration in blue or green 

No.4 size yurt £675

No.5 size Yurt £725

No.6 size Yurt £775

Yurt with simple design cover.JPG
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