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An authentic Mongolian yurt, or as it is known in Mongolia "Ger" has a proud history stretching back over 1,000 years.  Mongolia is a country  where a large proportion of the population still lives in this traditional dwelling. This has resulted in a style of yurt that is both beautiful and extremally practical.  A Mongolian yurt incorporates unique features that at first glance may seem redundant to the modern eye, but can be appreciated after daily use. Below we outline the basic components that make up an Authentic Mongolian Yurts 

Wooden Frame Components of Mongolian Yurt

The Wooden Frame

1. Door Solid wooden door & frame. Available in many designs

2. Trellis Collapsible walls. Number of which dictates size of your yurt

3. Roof Poles  54 - 78 individually hand shaped roof poles per yurt

4. Crown Supports Unique feature of Mongolian Yurt provides stability in bad weather. 

5. Crown Wheel Distinctive feature of yurt. robustly made and heavy. 

Fabric Layers

1. Yurt Liner Thin cotton liner for roof & walls

2. Insulation Sheep's wool felt insulation for roof & walls

3. Rain Cover - Roof  Waterproof cover for roof of yurt

3. Rain Cover - Walls Waterproof cover for walls of yurt. 

4. Outer cover - Decorative outer layer that holds all other layers on the yurt

5. Rain Cap - Cover that goes over the wheel in centre of the yurt.  

Fabric Layers of Mongolian Yurt Laid out

All pictures show our yurts but are for illustrative purposes only and are not indicative of yurts we offer for sale. 

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