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Every yurt we sell comes with a basic set of plans showing you how to construct a permanent wooden base for your yurt..


We have chosen to keep the design of our yurt base as simple as possible, incorporating commonly available materials from any local DIY store or builders merchant. Construction is similar to decking and requires not foundations to be dug, the base simply sits on the ground - presuming your ground is relatively well drained and level

If you are not planning on moving your yurt, a permanent base is by far the best option as it provides a stable base for the yurt to sit on,  a clean runoff for rainwater, elevates your yurt up and away from damp ground, provides a safe, flat surface for you and your guests to move around on, and if nothing else its also much warmer - never a bad thing

A purpose made yurt base will also last longer and function far better than any groundsheet can. 

If you yourself don't feel up to the job of constructing your yurt base, you can use our guide to hire a local handyman or landscape gardener. Below we have given a very rough estimation for MATERIALS ONLY for our three different yurt sizes. This should be treated as a guide only, Materials prices are in constant flux and you can expect a wide variation in pricing based on where in the country you buy and who from.

Yurt Base for No.5 Size Yurt

Materials cost

No.4 size yurt base - 5 meter diameter Estimated £995 incl. Vat

No.5 size yurt base - 5.8 meter diameter Estimated £1,295 incl. Vat

No.6 size yurt base - 6.6 meter diameter Estimated £1,495 incl. Vat

Prices as of May 2022

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